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very cheap car insurance

very cheap car insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Start with 100% online car insurance, add discounts, and challenge your car insurer today!

Looking for Cheap Car Insurance?

Progressive Online Car Insurance is offering a new innovative 100% online, lower cost car insurance alternative.

Since 1999, car insurance in Australia has become steadily more expensive. Without getting into too much detail, a large insurer collapsed, another demutualised, and many were acquired. Since 2007, two groups have been in control of over 70% of the Australian car insurance market, and premiums have continued to rise. Progressive entered the market in 2009 to help shake things up.

We often get asked: So … how do you provide such cheap car insurance? What’s the catch?

The answer is actually quite simple. It’s our customers.

Our customers allow us to provide some of the cheapest car insurance premiums in Australia

Progressive is not for everyone. Put simply, we believe our customers are smart and lower than average driving risk. Each provides a lever to cut the cost of car insurance, without compromising on the cover or service you’d expect from a large player.

Collectively, Progressive customers drive down our costs and in turn, their car insurance premiums. Here’s how:

  1. They are Internet savvy. By buying and managing their car insurance 100% online, it keeps our costs low so we can offer lower premiums. A majority of our customers report their claims online to reduce our costs, these savings are then passed on to our customers.
  2. They are safer than average. By avoiding bad risks, we’re able to avoid higher claims frequency. That means we offer a range of car insurance discounts that can reduce premiums for lower risk drivers even further.
  3. They are often multi-car owners. By insuring 2 or more cars on one multi-car policy, it’s more efficient for us as the insurer, so we can pass on an extra Multi-Car policy discount.
  4. They are environmentally alert. Our customers don’t like cutting down trees to produce insurance documents, so we offer a paperless car insurance solution that reduces cost and clutter for all of us.

This means we provide very, very cheap car insurance for our customers, and you’ll see at various car insurance review sites that we delight our customers if they ever need to make a claim. See Mozo reviews of Progressive.

Join the 100% online movement. Get a cheap car insurance quote today to see if you can save!

Car Insurance In Your Area

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  • When you buy car insurance online, you’re in the driver’s seat. Here’s a review of the basics you need to know to get an online quote and purchase a policy. We can simplify your life with a wide range of benefits, features and services designed to help you save money and get you back on the road quickly when you have a breakdown or accident. It’s all about affordable car insurance you can depend on.

    Car Insurance Coverages
    We’ll help make sure you have the right coverages for you and your car:

    • Bodily Injury Liability
    • Property Damage Liability
    • Medical Payments
    • Personal Injury Protection
    • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists
    • Collision
    • Comprehensive

    Car Insurance Benefits – The Extra Features You Deserve
    We believe responsible drivers deserve more than just basic coverage; that’s why we provide additional benefits including:

    • Accident Forgiveness
    • New Car Replacement
    • Unlimited Rental
    • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Bundle and Save
    By purchasing your auto insurance and home insurance together, you could save even more on our already competitive rates.

    very cheap car insurance

    Car Insurance Comparison

    Getting a car insurance quote online makes it easier to compare multiple insurance companies at the same time. You can get a quote from 21st, and see how much it will help you save over other car insurance companies. Also, you can compare the additional perks car insurance companies offer you for signing up. With 21st, that includes 21st Roadside Assistance, which includes 24-hour roadside assistance for all insured vehicles anywhere in the US and Canada.

    It’s also important to compare what sort of coverage you can get for the price at different insurance companies. While some companies claim to offer cheaper car insurance policies, they often offer car insurance plans with less coverage to do so. So while you may be saving money up front, you could be paying more in the long run, especially if your car doesn’t have collision or comprehensive coverage.

    Different car insurance companies also offer different discounts. If you’re looking for car insurance discounts, 21st has plenty to offer. They include defensive driver discounts, good student discounts, and safe driver discounts. Each one of these discounts can save you money on your car insurance.

    If you’d still like to pay less for your car insurance, consider raising your deductible. That’s the amount of money you have to pay in the event of an accident or damages to your car, before your car insurance company will pay. If you agree to a higher deductible, this will lower your monthly car insurance payments.

    Car Insurance Company

    When picking your car insurance company, it’s important to evaluate their history, reliability, and how much you can save by switching. Getting a car insurance quote online will help you understand whether or not switching to a new company will be worthwhile. Don’t forget, however, to also read up on the company, before you sign-up for their insurance coverage.

    A good place to start is on the company’s website. Usually, a car insurance company will have a detailed about us page, telling you about their history and greatest strengths. Make sure to read this to ensure you’re comfortable with the company.

    Next, look for reviews of the company. A company will often list reviews, like Power Reviews, on a page of their site. Read those reviews carefully. These will sometimes tell you more about a car insurance company, as reviewers frequently have first-hand experience with things like their claims department.

    Before You Get A Car Insurance Quote Online

    very cheap car insurance

    When choosing a car insurance company, knowing what you want is half the battle. Make sure to decide before you get a car insurance quote online what you’re really looking for. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible car insurance, you may have to lower your expectations about perks and how much coverage you will get. If you’re looking for additional comprehensive coverage, expect to have to pay a little bit more for it. Finally, make sure you are confident in the car insurance company before you make a decision about switching.

very cheap car insurance
very cheap car insurance

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very cheap car insurance

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